• JM 1.75
    Snap Lock Metal Roofing Panel

    Often referred to as a standing seam metal roof, uses a hidden fastener system. The hidden screw method not only provides better cosmetics but secures your roof in a more stable manner.

    - Available in 24 Gauge ONLY
    - Width available in 18"
    - Wide variety of colors for panels and flashing
    - Complete line of accessories
    - Support staff ready to assist you in any way

  • JM 5v
    5v Crimp Metal Roofing Panel

    5V Crimp panels are a simple yet beautiful solution to your residential and light commercial roofing needs. 5V-Crimp panels feature a double overlapping rib to assure a water-tight seal.

    - Exposed fastened panel, traditional ”V” rib
    - 24" panel coverage
    - Warranty: 40 year on painted, 30 year on Galvalume
    - Support staff ready to assist you in any way

  • JM Nail Strip
    Standing Seam Metal Roofing

    Standing seam is a side by side formation of vertically standing/laying sheet metal roofing panels that are secured in place by concealed fasteners.

    - Available in 26 and 24 Gauge
    - Widths available in 12" and 16"
    - To be installed over solid decking
    - Complete line of accessories
    - Support staff ready to assist you in any way

  • JM 1.5
    Mechanically Seamed Panel

    Mechanical Standing Seam panels feature a seam that’s mechanically locked into place, providing the highest degree of strength.

    - Available in 24 Gauge ONLY
    - Optional Items: Stiffening Ribs or Striations
    - Clips are required
    - Complete line of accessories
    - Support staff ready to assist you in any way

JM Metals is your #1 source for Metal Roofing panels and Metal Roofing Accessories in Florida. Are you a home owner or a roofing contractor looking for Metal Roofing Manufacturers and Distributors ? Give us a call, we can help you. We have offices in South, Central and West Coast Florida . Some of the roof panels we manufacture are the 5v Crimp Metal Roof Panel, Snap-Lock Standing Seam, Mechanically Standing Seam, Metal Wall Panels, and Metal Tile roof panel.

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JM RIB Metal Wall Panel

Wall and Roof Panel The JM RIB Wall and Roof  panel is produced in 26 and 29 Gauge painted and mill finish Galvalume. Easy to Install, economical.


JM 1.5 Mechanically Seamed

mechanically seamed roof The JM 1.5 Mechanically Seamed Metal Roofing Panel offers the same architectural detailing capability as snap-lock panel.


Metal Roofing Materials

roofing materials We distribute a wide range of commercial and residential roofing materials such as sealants, underlayments, insulation, roof vents, pipe decking, screws, clips and more.

5v Crimp

5v Crimp Metal Roof System JM Metals 5V Crimp roofing panel is produced in 24 & 26 Gauge painted and mill finish AZ-55 Galvalume. Easy to Install, economical.


JM 1.75 Snap Lock Panel

Snap Lock Roof Panel The JM 1.75 Snap-Lock Roofing Panel offers architectural detailing to fit any roof system with a 1 3/4 inch rib to add depth and style.


Metal Coil Distributors

Metal Coil Distributor Metal Coil Stocking,and Distributing. Florida's #1 stocking and distributing metal service center for all grades and thicknesses of stainless steel and aluminum coil. Competitive pricing to the widest variety of customers for every order need.

Metal Flat Sheets

Metal Flat Sheets We carry metal flat sheets and offer superior service from cutting to bending. Flat sheets are available in various sizes and materials. Stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, mill finish aluminum,copper, and kynar painted sheets.

Custom Metal Flashing

Metal flashing and trim manufacturer We manufacture a full line of metal trim and flashing to compliment your metal roof project. Eave trim, valley flashing, rake flashing,  hip and ridge caps, wall flashing. Custom made trim and flashing are available upon request.

Other Products

concrete roof tiles Concrete Roof Tile and roof tile accessories.

metal roof underlayment

Roof underlayment materials and products.
roof sealant coating paint Roofing products, sealant, coating, paint, and more.
shingle roof distributor Now Distributing quality roof shingles and accessories.